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Link to AskAway home


Virtual Publicity for Virtual Libraries


AskAway PR

Here is where you’ll find the latest and greatest on AskAway public relations activities.  The Public Relations Committee meets once a month on the first Wednesday of the month at 2:00 pm.   If you are interested in attending a meeting, or have suggestions for the committee, we’d love to hear from you!  Contact Martha Berninger at Martha.berninger@dpi.wi.gov, or Mark Beatty at mbeatty@wils.wisc.edu.


PR Kit

News and Current Efforts


Feb 2011 Press Release

There are more sketchy, internet based, information services popping up every day. Send this pre-prepared press release to your local newspaper and get the word out about the reliable information service available to Wisconsin residents!

feb2011press release.pdf


Spring 2011

The PR committee is in the midst of planning a recognition program for libraries who participate in the AskAway service.


AskAway Basics Class

Not sure what AskAway is all about? Join us monthly for our Basics Class. Details will be posted ASAP.


Under Construction...

AskAway will redesign the http://www.askaway.info/ webpage in the coming months. Any ideas or suggestions? Leave your comments at the bottom of this page.



When you add the Qwidget (QuestionPoint widget) on your library web pages, a patron is able to send a message through the Qwidget if chat is available. The Resources for Library's and Lifelong Learning will be adding the AskAway qwidget to their page in the near future. RL&LL is interested in testing the use and usability.


To add a qwidget to your page check out these instructions: Create a Qwidget, Widget

There are different color and size options that can be easily used.


AskAway on Social Media

  The AskAway Facebook page now offers a qwidget under one of it's tabs. Why not add a qwidget to your Facebook page!


We're also on Twitter! Follow us for the most up to date information!


Spanish Language Queue

The Spanish Queue is LIVE! We are in the process of placing links to the Spanish AskAway so patrons can access it.


For more information on our schedule for this service check out the Spanish Coverage page by clicking here.


If you or someone in your library is interested in staffing the service, or you have some great ideas about how we can promote the new service, contact Martha Berninger.

Publicity Materials

 What is AskAway?


PR materials available for order, contact Mark Beatty at WiLS for details:

Bookmark (.pdf): (created by Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College)

The Winnefox Library System has generously agreed to print bookmarks for $8.00 per 100. If you would like to order bookmarks, please email Renee Miller

AskAway promotional items are available from Janway at 5% off of list price. See their AskAway promotional page for more information.  This includes magnets, pencils, buttons, etc.


AskAway Refrigerator Magnet artwork magnet.pdf

AskAway Posters, or any other posters you want printed here is the place that will print them:


It's the Library Matters website from the Alliance library system in East Peoria, IL.  The prices are quite reasonable and the web site extremely easy to use.  If a larger order is desired contact Mark Beatty and we will put together a group order.  There will be a separate section on their web site specifically for AskAway posters in the near future.


Publicity materials prepared by the Publicity committee: 

Press release (.doc)


Presentation: Chat with a librarian 24/7! (.ppt) (created by Appleton Public Library)

Governor's Proclamation of AskAway Day: Image of proclamation | Text of proclamation (.doc)


Other items created by AskAway participants:

AskAway Illinois Marketing and Promotional Materials page

Bookmark (from Northern Waters Library System -- .doc)

Video created by South Central Library System in 2006; originally only available in Flash format at askaway.info, but now available at YouTube so you can embed it anywhere on your library's web site!



"At any hour, I can submit a question and anticipate a response within 24 hours.  The many search engines might suggest that answers can be found by the patron without help.  However, I quickly get frustrated or simply run out of time if I can't find the information.  I'm sure it's just a matter of learning how to choose the right tool and move around with computer savy.  That's where the expert librarian comes in!  Please keep offering this valuable service!"


"Very fast, very helpful, very thorough.  Got exactly the tools I needed for a meeting I will be attending....Thanks!"


"I was delighted and thrilled with the information that I received from Sharon at the Oshkosh Public Library.  The information she sent was very extensive in response to a rather vague enquiry."


"Keep up the Great work. We definitely need you folks, and I love to read and learn."


"This is a really great resource for people asking reference questions in which they can be anonymous, whether it's about a health issue or whether it's about something they're embarrassed about or any other type of information they're not prepared to go up to the reference desk in the middle of the library and ask." 


"Sometimes I'm feeling a little lazy or it's 10:30 at night and I've got a pressing reference question that I can't figure out on my own and I don't feel like leaving my apartment and I just want to have this great easy access from home, and it's just so easy to pop on sitting in front of my television chatting with the reference librarian." 


"Thank you for answering my question! Wow! That was fast! What a wonderful service!! I am very impressed with your promptness and reliablility."


"I have contacted many people and organizations in my search for my ancestors. There are a lot of good folk in the genealogy business -- good people, good genealogists. My experience with you has been as good as it gets."


"To my brief inquiry I received unbelievable response. I cannot thank all of you enough for the time and research you put into answering my query. GREAT SERVICE!!!"


"Your librarians are awesome - they did a great job with my questions and helped me find the answers I needed!! Thanks again for all your hard work!"


"YOU HAVE MADE MY DAY AND MADE ME VERY HAPPY !!!! I just appreciate both of you for doing this for me, and I will follow through. Thanks for the information to further my quest. You just can't imagine how thrilled I am to have this photo !!  You did good !!"


"Being able to submit a question which I don't have time to research and then receive a thorough response is an invaluable service.  Sometimes, the response needed is more than just a quick answer.  It might include several good websites for the patron to explore.  No matter the question, simple or complex, I think the idea of getting professional help from a qualified, experienced librarian is an ingenious idea.  I sure hope this form of communication continues!"


"This was great! - precisely the information I was looking for.  With Google and Internet I think people put less value on libraries these days - but this really demonstrated to me that NOT everything is on the internet and libraries continue to provide a valuable and much needed service. I really appreciate you taking the time to find the information I was looking for."


"Oh my goodness!! Oh my goodness!! I love you!! I have searched so long for any crumb of information on this woman. You have no idea how much this means. I'm actually getting teary-eyed. Of course, that could be the pregnancy hormones.  ;-)  Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"


"well thank you so much! This should be enough information to get figure it out! Ive never used this interactive feature, but i will definitely use it agin!"


"This is an efficient and extremely convenient service!"


"The speed of the reply was remarkable.  It would have been difficult for me to travel to ... obtain the information.  I can't thank you enough."


"I have been trying for half an hour ... for my search and getting nowhere. I find it incredible that you in Wisconsin have done it.  Many many thanks."



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